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Automatic continuous sterilizer by steam with cooling system

LIFT STEAMER Z is automatic continuous sterilizer by steam with cooling system.
Packaged food products are placed in the backets and continuously transported and sterilized.
We have sold more than 300 machines over the world.


Stable sterilization and improving the products qualites

The temperature in the heating chamber can be precisely and stably controlled by simply setting the control panel with an arbitrary temperature between 60 C and 99 ℃. Products qualities which are flavor, aloma, color and texture will be superior to hot water heating system due to excellent heat transfer characteristics.

Energy saving and Rationalization of auxiliary facilities

LIFT STEAMER Z can be operated with less energy than a hot water heating sterilizer, and there is no loss of steam leakage from the sterilizer, so steam consumption can be greatly reduced. Thanks to large energy savings, heat sources such as boilers can be minimaized, which also rationalizes auxiliary facilities.

Longer uptime and Less maintenance work

In spite of larger size steam heating sterilizer, LIFT STEAMER Z is realized more stable and uniform drive than other conventional large size sterilizers due to both original chain drive system and cluch mechanism, and it leads easy maintenance for long time.

Improvement of working environment

This system enables to improve working environment by eliminating of the hot and humid conditions due to no steam leakage from the equipment. As it is not necessary to equip the exhaust fans and air ducts, the construction and maintenance cost will be reduced from working health point of view as compared to hot water heating type.

Tailor made design

As LIFT STEAMER Z has the design flexibility for the equipment size, it can be installed even the small space. Then, we can provide the equipments in fully tailor made according to the limited layout space with requested production capacity.

Improvement of product quality

As the steam sterilization system has the superiority in the thermal conductivity to the’ products, it has the advantage in the texture, color, aroma to the products compared to the hot water sterilization system. The steam sterilization system does not have over cooking problem like as the conventional hot water sterilization system sometimes owns because the temperature control is strict and manageable. In the case of the hot water sterilization system, the hot water pollution occurs due to inappropriate wrapping and lack of water changing. So the dirt will attached to the surface of products and it will damage the gloss of the film. In the case of the steam sterilization system, as it does not use hot water, gloss of the surface remains in the surface of the products and remain to be beautiful.


Intermediate transfer machine

The intermediate transfer unit has the function to transfer only bucket products.This mechanism saves the steam consumption due to preventing cooled backets from entering the heating chamber.
Since heated buckets are not cooled by this mechanism, it improves the cooling efficiency of the cooling chamber and saves cooling water.
It also greatly improves the durability of the bucket chain.


Accumulating systems temporarily stock products, while accumulating them, without releasing them out to the postprocess.

Dewatering equipment

The dewatering device removes droplets from the product surface.

Shape arrangement conveyor

The hight of packaged products are made uniform by shape arrangement conveyor to minmize the fluctuation of sterilization.

Inspection stand

Routine maintenance and inspection are easy.

Drain pan

The drain pan prevents drainage out to the floor from equipments, and keeps the environment clean and dry.